The Library is Here!

I’ve finally added my collection–as recorded so far–to the site, up under the “Game Library” link at the top.  Presently there’s just my DS, Neo Geo (MVS and AES), and PC-Engine collections listed.  One Day ™ I will get the rest up there!

I had been recording the library for a while now, but only today did I make an explicit link.  It’s not pretty, but it is functional 🙂

New additions below:

  • I recently added a Fusion MVS to AES convertor to my collection.  I was one of the lucky 50 people to crowdfund the device on IndieGoGo (see here).  According to the NeoGeo forums, I was also one of the lucky fewer to even receive mine 🙂
  • With the floodgates opened, I acquired two MVS carts, both shooters:
    • Aero Fighters 2:  an unusual (for Neo Geo) vertically-scrolling shooter with a definite offbeat sense of humor.
    • Blazing Star:  a sequel of sorts to the R-Type…flatterer…Pulstar.  While set in the same universe and relying on some of the same graphical tricks, it’s a very different game focusing on deep scoring and Rank systems.

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