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In Search of the Fabled Flagorithm

My Pretentions

Wherein a frustrated businessman is thrust into the harsh light of international industry, and comes to grips with a challenge far greater than himself:  The Flag Unions.

What’s this got to do with HUSSAR?  Palettes.  It’s always palettes.

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Developing a Palate for Palettes

Super Palette Bros


What do kitschy paint-by-numbers kits, Japanese kimono design, animated beer signs, and mood rings have to do with old school video games?  The answer, if you’ve been paying attention, is palettes.  In this post, we’ll look at how and why palettes exist, what affordances they offer, and insight into this lost art.

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Introducing HUSSAR


A little over a year and a half ago, I started work on a project that I thought would be relatively trivial:  build a plugin for Unity that will help people develop games for old systems.  Where this endeavor took me was surprising, as it turned into a full suite of tools that would allow someone to take an idea, prototype it, simulate it with the restrictions of the actual hardware, and then export functional assembly language for the Sega Master System, NES, Genesis, SNES, or PC-Engine.  Introducing…HUSSAR!

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